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Welcome to the WCHS Guidance Page!

Welcome back to another great school year!  We are thrilled to be a part of the WCHS office team and will do what we can to help your student throughout their high school career. We hope to work with you closely in this process, as you know your child best! We hope you will find this webpage helpful in keeping up with information from the guidance department. Please check it regularly for updates and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

                       -WCHS Guidance

Something to think about....
"I challenge you to remain in school and get a good education. A world of opportunities and unimaginable possibilities are attainable if you properly prepare yourself for these challenging times. A good education is the greatest gift that you can give yourself. Education will determine your lifestyle, your standard of living and your eventual oucome in this life.
     For some, it will not be easy to remain in school. Remind yourself every day that your future is at stake. Once you have knowledge and information, it is yours to use, to explore, to create, to inspire. Educated people are more likely to live healthier, longer lives. 
     Here are the secrets to acquiring a good education: 1.) attend school every day, 2.) behave properly when in school, and 3.) do the class work and homework to the best of your ability. Education is all about PRIDE: Personal Responsibility in Daily efforts. 
     Education is the link to the future, and it is up to you to make it happen."
-John Lewis Horton


What's Happening?

Graduation Requirements:
Graduation Checklist

Mental Health Resources
Please see the attachment for more information on resources found in Randolph County.
document Randolph County Mental Health Resources (108 KB)


*Seniors who need their transcript sent to a college need to make a request through Parchment Exchange.  Go to the following website and sign in to your account.  If you do not have an account, sign up for one!

Order Credentials from Parchment


Indiana College Costs (PDF)

Scheduling For 2018-2019:
You can find a copy of the 2018-2019 Course Description Guide below.

Junior/Senior Reminders: 2017-2018
Senior Reminders
Junior Reminders

Junior/Senior Letter: 2017-2018
Junior/Senior Letter

Senior Bulletins: 2017-2018
Get up-to-date information on college visits, scholarship information, college days, and much more!

September 2017 Senior Bulletin

Scholarship Opportunities: 2017-2018
Seniors need to be checking their emails daily for new scholarships available. Also, Senior 
Bulletins include new scholarships each month. The Student Resources page has national 
scholarships opportunities that are available year round. 

Eastern Star Scholarship:
2018 Eastern Star Application
Rosemary Schockney Scholarship:
2018 Rosemary Schockney Application
Wolfe Scholarship:
2018 Wolfe Scholarship Application
Wells Scholarship:
Chamber of Commerce Scholarship:
C.O.C Scholarship
SAT Question of the Day

Did you know that if a student does the SAT question of the day every day for 2 years, this will significantly increase their SAT scores? Click on the link below to see today's question!

2017-2018 SAT SCHEDULE (
SAT Date        Registration Deadline      Late Registration Deadline
8/26/17                    7/28/17                                  8/15/17
10/7/17                     9/8/17                                   9/27/17
11/4/17                    10/5/17                                10/25/17
12/2/17                    11/2/17                                11/21/17
3/10/18                     2/9/18                                   2/28/18
5/5/18                        4/6/18                                  4/25/18
6/2/18                        5/3/18                                  5/23/18

2017-2018 ACT SCHEDULE (
ACT Date        Registration Deadline      Late Registration Deadline
9/9/17                             8/4/17                                  8/18/17
10/28/17                       9/22/17                                  10/6/17
12/9/17                         11/3/17                                11/17/17
2/10/18                         1/12/18                                  1/19/17
4/14/18                           3/9/18                                  3/23/18
6/9/18                             5/4/18                                  5/18/18
7/14/18                          6/15/18                                 6/22/18


New 21st Century Scholars Website

Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars program has launched a new student-friendly website at The comprehensive resource provides materials and tools to help school counselors, Scholars and parents navigate the program. On the site, you’ll find materials and information to help middle school students enroll in 21st Century Scholars, as well as resources to help high school freshmen Scholars get on track to participate in the Scholar Success Program – a new requirement that includes practical activities Scholars must complete at each grade level to prepare for college success. Each current 21st Century Scholar needs to register on Scholar Track. 


Enrollment Presentation

Beginning with this year’s high school freshmen, Scholars must complete three appropriate activities at each grade level as part of the new Scholar Success Program.  ScholarTrack is an online tool that provides 21stCentury Scholars with a personalized account and guides them through the steps to complete their Scholar Success Program (SSP) activities at each grade level. Each 21st Century Scholar freshmen will be introduced to the Scholar Success Program and the ScholarTrack tool through a Grade 9 Scholar Success Guide (see description below), which will be mailed directly to their home addresses.  

Grade 9 Scholar Success Guide
These will be mailed to the home addresses 9
th-grade Scholars and to high school guidance offices between late October and early November.  The 21st Century Scholar Grade 9 Guide is a comprehensive multi-page guide that provides an on overview of the 21st Century Scholars Program to 9th-grade Scholars and their parents, including 21st Century Scholars Pledge, introduction and description of the Scholar Success Program requirements for all grade levels, detailed description of the 9th grade Scholar Success Program requirements, and description of ScholarTrack as well as instructions for logging onto the online portal for the first time.  Each high school will also receive a quantity of 21st Century Scholar 9th Grade guides to distribute to Scholars with bad addresses or new Scholars who enroll in their school.

Grade 10 – 12 Direct Mail

During the first week of November, students enrolled in the 21stCentury Scholars Program from grade 10 – 12 will receive a brochure outlining program requirements connecting them to resources that will help them plan, prepare, and pay for college.  In addition, senior 21stCentury Scholars will receive information regarding important FAFSA and affirmation deadlines, an overview of the new 21stCentury Scholar college completion requirements, and tips and guidance for making the transition to college.