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Use these library print resources and suggested websites to give you a jump start on classroom research projects.

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Language Arts
General Reference

Poetry area in Library - American Poetry (811's); English Poetry (821's)

Poetry Speaks  811.008/Poet

Reference Books
Poetry for Students  R809.1/Nap
Great Writers of the English Language-Great Poets v.13  R820.9/Gr
Clement Wood's Unabridged Rhyming Dictionary  R801.1/Woo

Websites  a directory of online poetry world-wide
Poetry Portal  allows a search by either poet or poem
Modern American Poetry  fron the University of Illinois a comprehensive source of information about poets and explantions/critiques of their poety
Poetry-Library of Congress the Library of Congress webpage allowing you to learn about and hear the American Poet-Laureate  the largest free web collection of poetry online
Representative Poetry Online a collection of online poetry indexed by author, title, first line, and keyword
Famous Poetry Online  access to the most popular poems from the most famous poems the world over


Mythology area in library 291

Greek Mythology  291.1/Pin
Bulfinch's Mythology  291/Bul
Man, Myth, and Magic  133.01/Man

Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology  an index of Greek gods
The Immortals an index of Gods with Greek and Roman names
Greek Mythology Today and Myth of the Month  a Greek restauranteur provides biographies of major Greek gods as well as lesser known gods
GodChecker  information on all nationalities of gods







Vietnam area in library 959.704

Reference Books
War in Vietnam  R959.704/Wri
The Vietnam War  R959.704 Mar

Vietnam War  959.704/Hil
The Vietnam War; the Story and Photographs  959.704/Gol
The Sixties  909.82/Gre
The 60's Reader  973.92/Has
America in the 1960's  973.92/Kro

CIA World Fact Book - Vietnam
History Central - Vietnam
American Experience - Vietnam - PBS
Battlefield - Vietnam
The Vietnam Center and Archive
The Vietnam War

Civil War area in library 973.7

The American Civil War, A Multicultural Encyclopedia  973.7/Ame
Battles and Leaders of the Civil War  973.7/Bat
The Photographic History of the Civil War  973.7/Lan
The Causes of the Civil War  973.7/Roz

Reference Books
The American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War  R973.7/Ame

American Civil War Homepage  Univ. of Tennessee identifies electronic files on the Civil War
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System look up for servicemen from both sides in Civil War by name and provides battle descriptions by state
U.S. Civil War Center LSU provides an interdisciplinary study of the Civil War; consult the Civil War index for articles
Civil War Photographs  A digital collection of civil war photographs from the Memory page at the Library of Congress
Civil War Battlefields  Histories, pictures, and maps on civil war battle sites by state.
Internet Public Library  Put 'civil war' in the search window to obtain valuable links on this topic.

Civil Rights area of library is 323 or 973


Free At Last, a History of the Civil Rights Movement and Those Who Died in the Struggle  323.1/Bul
The Civil Rights Movement in America  973/Mck
Civil Rights, The Long Struggle  323.1/Luc
Eyes on the Prize, America's Civil Rights Years, 1954-1965  323.4/Wil

Reference Books

Civil Liberties: Opposing Viewpoints  R323/Ben
America's Victims: Opposing Viewpoints  R306/Ben

Notable Civil Rights Leaders short informational articles on famous civil rights activists
An Interactive Civil Rights Chronology a timeline of civil rights
Civil Rights Resources  External weblinks provided by the Library of Congress on civil rights
Voices of Civil Rights  Stories, oral histories, and photographs from the Library of Congress concerning civil rights

Famous Trials  Comprehensive information on famous trials such as Amistad, Lizzie Borden, Leopold & Loeb,
Scopes, Haymarket, and many more.  Each is accompanied by timelines, maps, photos, history, transcripts, etc.

Art area in Library 700's

Reference Books
The Book of Art: A Pictorial Encyclopedia  R709/Boo
Helen Gardners Art Through the Ages  R709/Gar
American Art Analog  R759.13/Zel
Encyclopedia of Visual Art  R700/Gro
Dictionary of Art  R703.20/Tur

Web Museum, Paris
Museums Around the World
Artchiver  information on artists and art movements
Artcyclopedia comprehensive look at artists, movements, artwork, and museums
National Gallery of Art
Painter Gallery portal to information on artists and all art subjects
Louvre Museum Official Website