Dear Parents and Guardians:

Welcome to Winchester Community High School.  We are proud of our innovative staff and our dedicated students!

It is rewarding to be a part of a school with a proud tradition of providing its students with a high quality education and the availability to participate in numerous extra and co-curricular activities that will help your child be a well rounded adult.  

Our team of educators is highly qualified and dedicated to preparing every student for a successful high school career which may include numerous opportunities for college credits through our Winchester Community Early College, several Career and Technical Education courses that will train students for a competitive wage, and of course a wide variety of academic and elective courses that students can choose from.  

We are committed to meeting the daily challenges of increasing student achievement, while putting a focus on continuous improvement. We look forward to working with your children to build academic achievement and social emotional growth.

Please feel free to contact the WCHS office if you have any questions about our school or our programs!


Karla Reed